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Simple and Cost Effective Solution

As a State Certified Plumbing Contractor for over thirty years I have worked on thousands of toilets. Finally we have a product that not only leaves the job in a professional manner but pleases both my technicians and homeowners alike. No more rags and duct tape , grout and debris and future clogs are eliminated while sewer gasses are no longer a problem . Thanks for a simple and cost effective solution. The flange covers are now an inventory item on all our trucks. Thanks

Blaise - Southwest Florida
Bohall Plumbing Co "Since 1985"

Perfect Fit Every time

Bonus… You can tile right up to the flange cover without having to remove it.
Perfect fit every time!

Sarah D. - Summit County, Colorado
TAA Construction

Something you never knew you needed

Something you never knew you needed (or even existed!) but now would never manage a project without. So is the case with the Tommy Toilet Flange Cover. We have remodeled a number of homes, and after removing toilets, the drains were plugged with the proverbial old towel. You walk into the house and you are greeted with the faint sewage smell and a dirty rag sticking out. No Longer. A contractor on our current project swapped out the towels with the Tommy Toilet Flange Covers and one look and we knew it was brilliant. The smell is gone, it looks great and most importantly prevents damage while other work is going on. Try it and you will be a believer.

Don Wruck - Naples, Florida
Wruck Paupore PC

Thanks Tommy!

I have changed out many toilets in my day and each time, I’ve had to deal with the mess created during the process. As you know, each situation is unique but having a system like the Tommy toilet tray adds continuity to every job by eliminating the potential mess. Hundreds of DIY remodelers and professional contractors are removing toilets every day. Lets face it, if they had one of Tommy’s trays during this process, their life would be made easier. Next time I change out a toilet, I know what I will have in my arsenal to make my job cleaner and easier.
Thanks Tommy!
Cork Grones
Cork’s Home Improvement Services

Cork Grones - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cork's Home Improvement Services

TT Flange Cover works great

I wanted to thank you for the use of your Tommy Toilet Tray prototype on my remodeling project recently. As you know, I have been in construction, construction services since the 1970’s, and have seen many items that make a seeming easy, but so difficult item cause unneeded cleaning, septic waste over finished surfaces,general inconvenience of everyday life. This item will eliminate one of those pesky get under your skin problems. After talking to you and having additional supports, attached strapping, the next generation of a well thought out project will become even better that the prototype.
The TT Flange Cover works great, used it several time again with great success.
Thanks again – Dan Rometo
Do-Rite Inspection Services, Inc

Dan Rometo - Southwest Florida
Do-Rite Inspection Services, Inc

Long overdue

As a General Contractor specializing in Remodeling I am always looking to be as clean and professional as possible, when it came to bathroom remodels we always had to deal with moving/storing of the toilet without creating a mess. The Tommy Toilet Tray has become an added protection item to all of our remodels, it contains any spills, keeps any wax from the ring being spread around, and allows movement of the toilet during the many steps throughout the project.
We highly recommend this to all remodelers


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